About Us

Welcome to FloweringBuds !  
Parents, all over , belong to an elite and exclusive club.
As any parent will tell you, having a child is a life-changing and unique experience.
It is by no means an easy feat. There will be exhausted days,sleepless nights, overwrought emotions,overwhelmed feelings ...and I am not sure how old the kids have to be before all these disappear !
But there will also be countless moments and experiences that will make you proud, humble, exhilarated and joyous..We always strive to make things better for our children, just like our parents did.
With this in mind, a few friends and I (with kids ranging from a year old to 10 years) , have decided to begin this blog  to maintain shared experiences that might be encountered by any family with kids. We hope to provide each other with suggestions and tips on what works and what doesnt.
We do not have the answers to all questions and certainly expect to stumble a few times before we find the correct way.
If you are an experienced life traveler, then please do share your thoughts and experiences with us.
If you are a newbie, then join us in our journey as we attempt to become better parents and friends.
Let us ensure that the tiny innocent buds in our lives bloom well :-)